Snake Pit Studio was founded in 2010 when a self-taught “musician” named Brad Bevill decided to record an album in his garage with his dad, James (aka “Tuffy”). Shortly after that recording experience, Brad and Tuffy built out a portion of the garage into a studio (of sorts). Brad’s band, Sleepin’ Rattlers, started rehearsing in the new space and quickly named it the “Snake Pit”. By 2012 Brad was mixing Sleepin’ Rattlers debut full-length release “Punktry & Western Music, Vol. 1” at the Snake Pit Studio and by 2015 had put out numerous recordings for Dallas artists including another Sleepin’ Rattlers full-length album that this time was written, produced, recorded, and mixed at the Snake Pit Studio. “If you want something done right, figure out how to do it yourself,” says Bevill.

The Snake Pit Studio exists to give Sleepin’ Rattlers, Greyskull, The Re-Mo’s, Year of the Comet, and C&B Radio a place to write, produce, record, and put out records DIY style. However, it is also open to their friends and anyone their friends refer.

Brad Bevill (of Sleepin’ Rattlers, Greyskull, Ramonahs, and C&B Radio) and Patrick Woody (of Year of the Comet and Sleepin’ Rattlers) run the studio and write, produce, record, mix, and master albums for bands of all types – plus, record voice overs. And they have fun doing all of it.



SPS has a lot of great gear. Enough mics, classic amps, guitars, and other instruments to get incredible, diverse tones and sounds. However, it’s not gear that makes music great. It’s the songs. Musicians consistently say things like, “Led Zeppelin recorded ‘such and such album’ on this board!” Really? Who cares. What makes them Led Zeppelin is their songs – not the console they recorded them on. The point is – don’t let some big, expensive studio trick you into thinking their mics, console, and vintage gear is the answer to your next big hit. It isn’t. But you know what is? Good songs and a great work ethic.